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Another wedding “tradition” you don’t need: Head tables

When it comes to the reception seating this can be tricky. Oftentimes this is where couples get stumped when trying to decide how to lay out their venue. Head tables can look appealing but actually have lots of cons to them and can potentially upset your bridal party and groomsmen. We got you covered with all those reasons as to why you should ditch that head table and be closer to your guests or spouse.

Ditch the head table! Here’s why:

  • It creates difficult seating dynamics.

On your big day you can always expect a plus one to come along with your guests. This can make it more difficult when getting those seats down. One thing that can happen is you include your best friend in your bridal party, but her boyfriend/girlfriend isn’t part of it and when all is said and done, they want to sit together. Sure, you could let their plus ones sit at the head table too but before you know it the entire guest list is sitting at the head table and that just defeats the entire purpose you had in mind to begin with.

  • Lack of alone time for you and your spouse.

You and your spouse will want all the time you can get together to just soak in the new marriage bliss and have that one-on-one time to enjoy each other's company. This is why most couples are starting to opt for that sweetheart table compared to the head table. You will want some moments to share between just you and your spouse.

  • Inflexible layout.

Depending on the size of your venue this could be a huge deciding factor for you. Those head tables can eat up a huge majority of the venue and leave you little space to do what you want with the other smaller guest tables. It truly limits your options for layout ideas that might work best for you or your guests and can lead to disappointment when it comes down to you deciding what will go where. Be sure to grab the opinion of your wedding planner and get ideas flowing of what might work best for you.

Skipping that head table can provide so many benefits when all is said and done. Everyone has their own needs and wants when it comes to your big day, and it can be hard to decide on seating arrangements where you and your guests can be happy. When it comes down to truly deciding what works best for you, we recommend you speak with your wedding planner and see what will best help you achieve your dream day.

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