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Behind the Scenes: What Planners are Doing on Your Wedding Day

One of the most commonly asked questions when it comes to the whole wedding planning process is, is it worth getting a wedding planner and just what exactly do they do? Well, we are here to give you all the details. We have compiled our 10 favorites to do that your wedding planner will typically do for you on your big day and in preparation of your big day.

  • They help set a realistic budget and stick to it:

Something that is always important to any bride for their big day is making the most of your money. The hardest part is setting a good budget that will help you get the most out of it. That is where your wedding planner comes in handy, they take all your ideas and help you set a real expectation of what you will spend and where to put your money to make your day unforgettable.

  • Find vendors who meet your budget and preferences:

Nothing is worse than having a million options for vendors in your area and having no idea who can meet your expectations. That is where your wedding planner can jump in and help you find the vendor who can meet your expectations without breaking the bank. Again, your wedding planner will be your best friend and at the end of it all they really just want to help make your day everything you’ve dreamed of while saving you as much money as possible.

  • Create and execute your wedding timeline:

Something most people can struggle with is deciding on when the perfect time is to get the ceremony started or when you and the bridesmaid's hair and makeup should be started. Your wedding planner can help get your day of timeline put together with you and make sure it is properly executed. Your wedding planner will know just how to properly plan and time everything, so you have smooth transitions for your big day.

  • Managing any issues, the day of:

On your big day the last thing you want to have to worry about is any issues that come about. Such as, vendors running late, a bridesmaid has a stain on her dress, the flowers aren't yet there, and etc. To help make your day a breeze and worry free your wedding planner will be there handling any and all issues that can come about to be sure that your wedding is going as planned. They help make sure that things are still flowing smoothly.

  • Coordinate your grand entrance/exit:

When making your big arrival with your spouse you want it to really stand out and be unique. That’s another amazing service your wedding planner can offer. When planning your big day, they can help with ideas on what grand entrance/exit will make you feel like the star you truly are and will be the most unique.

  • Assist with vendor issues:

The worst thing a bride could have to deal with is a vendor running late because let's be honest, they're what help make your wedding, you're wedding. That’s where your wedding planner will help be sure everyone is on track to be where they need to be and you’re getting the most out of your service. If a vendor is running late your wedding planner will assess the situation and get a timeframe and be able to find a solution for the meantime to make sure things are going as planned.

  • Ensure the decoration process is as smooth as possible:

When setting up for your big day it can be a big headache talking to a bunch of people trying to be sure that your decorations are placed properly and that you have all the decorations you planned for. Your wedding planner will be there to help in making sure that your decorations are placed just where you anticipated. If you also plan to use the ceremony space as your reception space, they can be sure that decorations are moving where they need to be and set up is getting done in time.

  • Help create your wedding vision:

Your wedding planner can help take all your ideas and compile it into one. Wedding planner helps make your dream a reality, so you get the most out of your day and that it is a memorable event. This is something your wedding planner is passionate about, making it everything you want and more. This is what they do for a living.

  • Track RSVP’s:

As you’re approaching your big day it can be a huge stress keeping track of all the people who said they are going or not. This is another service your planner will provide you to make your day and planning experience as stress free as possible.

  • Ensure you are getting what you paid for:

Something your planner will also do is make sure that you’re getting your every dollar's worth. A few things they can do is contract reading, making sure vendors stay on site, and you’re getting your venue inclusions. The last thing your planner wants is for a vendor to step off site after they charged you for the day or half day. This is where your planner handles those hard to address situations and takes over to be sure you can sit back and enjoy every moment of your wedding. Your planner doesn’t want to see you having to keep track of vendors and other situations instead of enjoying your big day.

So, when all is said and done, your planner wears many hats. You could almost say they become your best friend. They ensure that your day is as special and perfect as possible. They are constantly moving behind the scenes and making things flow as smoothly as possible. So, if you’re in debates we recommend you look into your wedding planner options and discuss with them their services and what all they can provide to help make your day special.

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