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Bridal showers: What’s the purpose of one?

What comes after the planning and before the big day?

You are engaged now so what are your next steps? Well beyond just your wedding planning itself, it is time to start thinking about getting the girls together to enjoy some activities and drinks and celebrate that you are about to be married to the person of your dreams. The bridal shower is a great way to get showered with gifts, love, and support from those closest to you. Who wouldn’t want to spend some time celebrating the upcoming big event with their closest friends and family and all be excited together for this big moment to arrive?

So, what should you expect at your bridal shower?

At these events you would typically have a brunch or lunch type of meal together during the day on the weekend and open those cute gifts that you and your spouse can enjoy together in your home. You also can expect to have some wedding themed games there at your party to enjoy playing with your friends or family that is always sure to make for funny lasting memories. Some parties can be held at the winery and you could do a wine tasting or a paint day and make homemade gifts together. There is a wide variety of party ideas you can do for your special celebration. Some brides opt to have it at their home or even their mothers house. Either way you are sure to never go wrong in either direction you choose.

In the end, should you have a bridal shower?

We say absolutely! When deciding if you want one or not it is always a great idea to have that celebration before your big day. It is a great opportunity to unwind with the girls and make even more amazing memories together in anticipation of your big day. Whether you want to keep it minimal or go all out is up to you and your host. You are sure to truly win the girls over no matter what choice you make. After all, all that wedding planning can be tiresome so we encourage our brides to treat themselves after everything you have been doing to make your day special for everyone.

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