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Lost loved ones: How to honor them on your big day;

When it comes to your big day, honoring your family is something most brides love to include on their very special day. We love a good moment to honor those who cannot be with us in these times. Picking the right option to honor your loved one can be difficult but we got you covered! We have five amazing ideas that we adore the most and why they would work for your big day.

Number one: Save them a seat

This is a more common yet unique way to honor your loved one who can’t be there with you on your big day. Something you can do is place their picture in a seat or have a reserved sign with their name on it, so they have their own special seating.

Number Two: Table display

Another gorgeous way to include those who can't be there is by setting up their very own table display. You can include an image or images of them and their favorite items. You can even add that special touch with some flowers or other decorations to really make it pop out at your ceremony or reception. We love a good table display as it really includes your missed loved one(s) and can really get your guests talking. It can also be a great way for your new family to get to know you and your family a little more.

Number three: Wear something of theirs

The latest trend we have seen to honor your loved one(s) is by wearing something of theirs or even including it in your ring. Whether you have it passed down to you or have it custom made and included into your ring, this can be a very special and sentimental way to honor them. The biggest bonus of this idea is you can always have this one close to your heart or even pass it down through the family.

Number Four: add their favorite flower to your bouquet

Another beautiful way to honor your loved ones is by adding their favorite flower to your bouquet. This is a great way to include some of their favorite items in your big day. This is also a great option for brides who aren’t sure on their wedding colors and need ideas for their bouquet, this can help give you some inspiration.

Number Five: Include them in your programs

Adding them to your program is a fantastic way to help remember them on your big day and pay a beautiful tribute to them with your guests. You can add an image of them along with their favorite quote or your favorite memory with them. This option is great for so many reasons beyond honoring them, you and your guests can keep these programs and add them to a keepsake box or even just add them in your home.

Honoring loved ones adds that special touch and makes your big day so much more sentimental. It can be a great way to really draw all your family together and keep those conversations flowing. Sharing stories and reminiscing on past experiences really helps your new family get to know you and keep their stories alive for years to come. It is sure to add that special touch to your big day.

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