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My Best Tips for Hiring a wedding planner/coordinator in Salt Lake City:

Salt Lake provides many amazing wedding planners but finding your best fit is a difficult choice to make. Things to consider when deciding is your budget, date, services provided, and saving you time and stress. We recommend deciding first what is your biggest must have when choosing a planner. Some planners have a strict list of services they provide so be sure you read their contracts and service packages to be sure you’re getting the most out of your vendor.

Here are five important factors to consider when finding the perfect planner/coordinator;

Number one: Your budget;

Wedding planners do not all cost the same and a big reason for this sometimes can be that certain planners only provide a day of services whereas another planner may provide the whole package for planning your wedding. When it comes to wedding and event planning, you really want to be sure you are getting all your money's worth but also spending appropriately for your big day. This is where sitting down with those planners and going over contracts is a huge must! The contracts will really give you all those details and answers to those questions you might have lingering around when deciding.

Number two: The type of assistance you want;

As we mentioned before not every planner may offer the whole process of planning and day of planning. Some may only provide day of assistance and not the whole planning process. So when you are looking and deciding it is important to know how much assistance you are looking for. Do you want someone who can help walk you through the whole process for the next several months or do you just need some extra stress relief for just the day of? Both have huge benefits and either way you will get some stress relief but be sure to know what exactly you are needing/wanting. Again, really be sure to read those contracts!

Number three: They communicate really well with you;

Communication is always highly important. You want to be sure your planner includes you in every decision and hears you out on every situation and through the whole process itself. This is your day after all and their purpose is to make your big dreams a reality. You want to know what is happening in the process and feel included.

Number four: Their wedding planning process is transparent;

Especially if you wish to be very involved in the wedding planning process you want to be sure to know the planner has easy organization to help you follow along and great communication. Somethings you can do is ask them how they organize or keep their clients in the loop so you can be sure it is easy for you to understand and will easily include you on all the important details for your big day.

Number five: Their planning style aligns with your lifestyle;

If you are a full-time working employee chances are you are constantly busy during the week and then you add in other factors like kids, hobbies, and etc. It can be hard to find someone who can offer you days/times that work best for you to meet and discuss the process to include you. It is important to ask your potential planner what their availability is so you can be sure your schedules can fit together to ensure a smooth process.

These are just some of the important factors in picking the perfect wedding planner. We suggest deciding what's most important to you in finding the perfect planner for your wedding planning. Each planner is different and can meet all types of different needs. Reading those contracts are the most important piece to understanding how a planner operates and if they can meet your needs/wants.

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