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No One Wants to Work on your Wedding Day: What Your Family and Friends Won’t Tell You

Something every bride thinks about is who will set up and tear down. Although family always says they are willing to help with anything you need the truth is they would rather spend that time with you not cleaning. No one wants to have to set up and tear down while everyone else is dancing and celebrating. You just want to be able to relax and enjoy your time together.

Two ways to avoid family/friends setting up and tearing down:

  • Hire a day-of-coordinator-

A Day-of-coordinator can do the setup and tear down for your big day, making it stress free for you and your family. The last thing you want to do is have to ask family/friends to help set up your big day and tear it all down. It can be overwhelming for them especially when they just want to enjoy your company and celebrate your new marriage. It can also be hard finding the right help to set it all up and take it all down in a timely manner and someone who will have the energy after all the dancing and eating they will be doing.

  • Find a venue that includes set up and tear down-

It can be hard to find but some venues do include set up and tear down for you so that is less stress on you. The venue will let you know at the time of the tour what they include or you can always ask. Be sure to read your contracts so you don’t miss that information, they may include it in the contract or even on their website what services they provide. Having set up and tear down already in place can really take off a huge amount of stress of making sure it is set up quick enough but also properly.

Something as old as time is family/friends not truly wanting to help with setting up your big day. Although the family says they are willing to, they really rather not. They would rather enjoy the dance floor or talking with other family members and sharing a special moment with you and your spouse. No one wants to have to stress about making sure the décor is perfectly placed or what time is best to take it all apart. It depends on your budget and what your needs are but there are many options to finding extra hands that aren’t family/friends so you can all enjoy each other's company.

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