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Something old, Something new: Trends old and young that I love for 2022 weddings - Gabby Brown

Something every bride looks for on their big day is to have the most unique and special wedding. It can be so difficult to find old and new traditions to carry into your big day. To help ease some of that pressure we have made a list of all the new and old trends that we absolutely love to see in weddings.

Going back to the classics:

Bouquet Preservation:

We have seen so many of our lovely brides save their bouquet for a keepsake. Who wouldn’t want to hold on to a piece of something to remind you of that magical moment you said “I Do”? We love this classic trend solely because keepsakes make for great stories to tell later in life or to just simply look back on.

Sparkler send off:

We LOVE the sparkler send-off for so many reasons! It is a great way to have your guests involved in the wedding experience and it makes for some pretty amazing and special photos to look back on. These tend to work best in the evening/night after your reception. This is an amazing way for your guests to give you and your groom or bride one last big hoo-rah before you head off for the evening.

Family heirloom:

This is a good classic trend that many brides love to carry into their big day. The typical phrasing is, “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, a sixpence in your shoe.” So many brides tend to wear old pearls from their grandmothers on their big day. We love this old trend because it gives you a special moment with your loved ones that you all can hold near and dear forever.

Photo booth:

If you love to capture all your special moments and give something special to your guests that they can carry with them this may be your pick! This is an amazing way to give your guests that enjoyable experience and the bonus is they will have something to carry around in their wallets or even hang in their home to always remember that special day.

Wedding signage:

This is something we see often in a lot of our weddings. It is a good classic that is carried in many weddings, especially in 2022! This is a great way to customize your wedding and it always helps your guests know where they are going. Being in a new environment it can be tricky finding out where the party is at.

Dessert Tables:

This is sure to satisfy all those guests with a sweet tooth and make for some pretty awesome pictures for you and your guests Instagram. Whether you like donuts, cupcakes, or chocolate covered anything this will surely give a sweet ending to your guests night and yours included. They can be included in any and all weddings no matter the season or theme!

Looking ahead to the future:

Intimate weddings:

With 2022 coming in full force we see so many trending weddings with a very minimal guest list. We adore these weddings because of how many special moments we catch. There is something so special about having all your loved ones with you in such an intimate life changing moment. It makes for some very special pictures to look back on.

Unique guest experiences:

If you are the one to go above and beyond to make your wedding the most memorable this might be the route you take. We all want to give our guests and selves a unique experience, one we can look back on and smile about for the rest of our life. Some awesome ways to add extra sparkle to the day is by having a wine tasting area, hiring a dance instructor, or even hiring a special entertainment individual such as a palm reader or magician. This is an awesome way to give your big day a little pop of fun and character.

Weekday weddings:

This is a great money saver, weekday weddings tend to cost less as most weddings tend to be scheduled on a weekend which makes the demand for weekend facility usage that much higher which drives the cost of facilities. This gives our brides/grooms some extra money in their pockets to put towards other things for the wedding or even to keep in the bank.

Live Painting & wedding day portraits:

We have been seeing a trend in getting live paintings completed at either the reception or the ceremony themselves. This is a great and unique way to capture that special moment you say “I Do or capture that first dance together. It is definitely worth every penny! Be sure to check in your area if you have someone who can do live paintings and book ahead of time as most of these vendors need weeks in advance to plan and prepare.

Private last dance (Bride & Groom):

This is a great night ender for the bride and groom themselves. This is such a beautiful way to share a moment between your new spouse alone after having partied the whole night and day through with family and friends. This helps you and your spouse unwind and just quietly enjoy a moment together after all the festivities that occurred during the day. This is where your guests leave the reception area for a brief moment and you and your new spouse come together to dance one last time together as a new couple. This is the most beautiful intimate moment we have seen becoming such a big trend in 2022! You surely can not go wrong with this one.

Finding something new and old to add to your big day for that extra sparkle can be such a big decision and a tough one at that. We hope you find some comfort in our list of old and new trends for 2022. There is always something out there that just may speak to you and add that extra special touch to your big day. The best thing about trends is almost all of them are timeless and you can never go wrong with any choice you make. We hope you enjoyed this blog as much as we did and we look forward to helping make your next big decision that much easier!

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