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The truth about those wedding favors; Your guests don’t want them

Something we as hosts love to do is offer our guests a parting gift as a way to say thank you for joining in the celebration with us. The downfall to this is your guests half the time truly don’t want this, keeping their hands full of stuff can be overwhelming and a bit much for them. It is nice to put something together as a thank you for your guests, but nothing is worse than taking your time to make something or buy something to share with them and then they don’t use it, or they trash it. We have some reasons here for you why you should skip those wedding favors and put it towards something else for your big day.

Our top four reasons to skip those gifts:

Number 1.

Your guests will end up throwing them out. They won’t do it right then and there but usually once they get home, they open it up and toss it out. It’s like playing a game of 50/50 if your guests will keep it and use it or not. You put your time into those favors and to know it would be tossed is not a great feeling so save yourself the time and skip those favors!

Number 2.

They don’t want to have to keep track of it. It's hard when everyone has a favor and there are a million different items on the tables such as plates, bags, drinks, and etc. With so many different guests being there it is hard to keep track of which is which when you are getting off that dance floor and returning to the table or leaving for the evening and getting your things together.

Number 3.

It is something they simply won’t use or like. Your guests have preferences of what they would actually use, and it is that much harder when everyone likes different items. Some might prefer baked goods and others might find those customized items more appealing. It is truly hard to please and meet everyone's individual likes.

Number 4.

It is simply either too big or even too small. Some guests don’t want to carry around a big favor as it can be a handful and too much for them to want to carry around. Whereas other guests don’t want something that is super small that they could easily misplace or even break. This can make it that much harder for you on what type of favor to even buy/make for your guests. You already have enough stress trying to pick which color flowers you want and if you want real or fake flowers, sometimes it is much easier for you to ditch that favor and put that money and time towards something else for your big day!

Whether you include those favors or not your guests will still enjoy the day with you and your groom. The main focus of your guests is spending time celebrating you two coming together as one and dancing the night away! Those favors can add more stress than needed so if we didn’t already say it enough, ditch those favors! Your guests typically won’t even notice that it wasn’t included.

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