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Top 3 Wedding Color Trends for 2022:

By Gabby Brown

Picking a color scheme for your wedding can be intimidating when planning your big day but rest assured our guide will help you feel more confident in your choice. We have helped many brides find the right fit and wanted to share some of our personal favorites with you to help inspire you for your magical day. This is a guide on big colors schemes for the year 2022 and years to come!

Our top three color trends:

#1 Greenery

These lovely green tones are the perfect way to set the tone of classy/elegant. This color scheme can work perfect for any season whether you are looking for spring, summer, fall, or winter. Some color pairs for the 2022 year we see trending are:

Dusty rose & emerald green

Dusty rose and emerald green are the perfect combination for a spring wedding. These lovely colors give off a garden wedding, boho-chic wedding, or even a rustic wedding vibe.

Forest green, white, & gold

This simple trio is a sure way to win over your guests. The three pair perfectly for any style wedding you are planning for. This is a headache free great choice to pick when you are looking for a simple way to stand out in the crowd. You can find these colors typically in vineyard weddings and even indoor weddings in the more colder months. This is a great way for those indoor weddings to feel more cozy and bold!

Dusty blue, sage green, and silver

If you are looking for something to fit that dream rustic wedding this trio just may be your pick. These colors can also be paired with any season, but more common ones we find are spring or summer weddings. This is a great way to have your wedding looking effortlessly stunning.

#2 Bold Jewel Tones

If you are looking for a fun and flirty way to enjoy your big day then these bold jewel tones may just be your fit. Everything from your bouquet to the bridesmaid standing beside you in support, this is sure to wow all of your guests. Some great bold jewel color pairs are:

Burgundy, masala, and pink

This pair is a great way to really shine on your big day! If you happen to attend a whimsical wedding, you just may find a few of these colors incorporated into the color scheme. If you are looking to be an eye catcher this is your match. Everything from the ceremony décor to the centerpieces in your reception will make that vivid statement that your party likes to pop.

Navy blue & burnt orange

Navy blue and burnt orange are the ultimate duo to really catch the breath of your wedding guests. You can find many of these colors in summer/fall weddings whether it be inside or outdoor. These colors are the perfect way to set the expectation of stylish and vibrant.

Vibrant Fuchsia & Plumb & Purples

This is for the brides who love to keep it vivid but romantic. These bright pops of purple will never fail you when planning your big day. These colors will surely win the heart of all of your loved ones. Some good colors to pair with bright pops of purple would be blacks and silvers. This can also set a tone of classy when choosing this color scheme.

#3 Terracotta

If you tend to love neutral tones this just may be your slice of cake. With Terracotta colors it sets an almost light hearted, fun, flirty tone for your magical day. You can often find these colors in desert outdoor weddings and even in forest like settings. These can be used in the fall season. You typically find warm greens, nude colors, and soft oranges.

Verde & Terracotta

This duo can be found in the fall. If you are planning that dream desert wedding or even a forest setting this may be your go to. This dark green gives the enticing feel that all brides want to set for their big day. Terracotta gives that fun spunky pop to accent the dark soft tone of the Verde.

Terracotta & dusty peach

These two pair so beautifully together. This is for a more stand out duo. These colors are great for fall or even spring weddings. We find them commonly in outdoor weddings or rustic barn settings. This is a sure way to really show everyone your lively side. They will have all of your guests turning their heads to be sure they aren’t missing a single detail.

Amber brown, Golden wheat, & Nude

This trio is a wonderful way to show off your down-to-earth vibe. If you are looking for an elegant yet stylish wedding this is the way to go. From the dark amber browns bridesmaid dresses to the vibrant peaks of golden wheat your guests are sure to be wowed. This is the perfect trio found in a desert/mountainous wedding. We love the down-to-earth vibes it gives your big day, it always is sure to give you and your loved ones that intimate feel that we all love and cherish on the most magical day.

So whether you are just looking for some ideas to pair with your already favorite color or not sure what to even pick to begin with we hope you love this selection of colors as much as we do! We often find it can be stressful planning your big day, even down to picking something such as a color scheme for this momentous event in your life. So take a breath, and we hope you feel reassured in picking that color scheme that will make you and your party stand out. Happy picking!

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