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Top 5 must haves for every bride the day of

Let’s be real, the first thing most brides forget to even plan for is their day of essentials. Like what one earth should you really bring? Personally, I would’ve brought it all. Let’s talk about it though. What really are the biggest essentials that you should have planned for and brought to your big day?

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  • Packed luggage bag:

This will apply to those brides who travel maybe out of town for their big day. This will be the obvious way to get all your clothes, make-up, and other needs to where you are headed. You’ll want to pack your clothes for the amount of time you will be away, along with make-up, hair styling tools, and etc. You may also want a bag packed for your honeymoon if you are going on your trip very shortly after your big day.

  • Wedding day emergency kit:

In this kit you will find deodorant, hairspray, dry shampoo, hair ties, water, hair brush, and etc. This bag will be full of little things that you need at the last minute. This is a kit you make for yourself and it will be packed with things you may find that you need throughout the day/night. You can put in whatever you need to make it an easier day for you and even your bridesmaids.

  • Phone charger:

This is an obvious one. You will need a phone charger for many reasons, the biggest one being you will want your phone to be accessible and charged incase of any emergency or just simply to be able to communicate with others.

  • Robe for hair and make-up time:

Most brides forget this simple piece of attire but it is important especially for a few different reasons such as getting ready pictures and to prevent a disaster from striking your clothes while getting ready for your big day. Let’s be real, wedding gowns are gorgeous but they can also be a lot when you are already wearing them for hours during your ceremony and even possibly your reception.

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  • Extra pair of shoes:

I think this really goes without too much saying but yes you will certainly want to pack an extra pair of shoes to wear. This is especially important for those brides who will be wearing heels because after a while your feet will start to hurt and you don’t want to be uncomfortable at your reception. So pack something comfortable that you can change into whenever you please and save those feet from agony!

Keep in mind this list is just some of our recommendations. This is your list and your special day, you make it what you want it to be and need it to be. Every bride is different and so is every wedding. These are items to help make your day easier for you and more prepared for your special day.

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