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Yes, you have to feed your wedding vendors! Here’s why:

We all can agree that you're hungry after a day-long event. We all can only imagine how hungry the vendors are after working tirelessly to make sure everything goes smoothly for your big day. Many brides and families are unsure if they even feed their vendors or consider them on their meal count when deciding the number of guests who need food. That's why we are here to tell you of a few of our reasons and what vendors you should consider feeding.

Reason to feed those hungry vendors:

Number one: They are human and get hungry after working hard all day

This goes without much saying but again it’s always something to keep in mind. Those vendors are working all day, even though you aren’t working we often don't remember that they are on the clock and working round the clock to make sure your special day is going as planned. With that being said, after they have spent several hours running around behind the scenes, they do get hungry, especially those wedding planners who are typically there for 5+ hours doing everything you and your party need them to do. So again, this goes without much saying, feed those vendors.

Number two: Food is energy, and they need all the energy they can get

Those vendors are working round the clock running back and forth answering those lingering questions and filling in those cracks to take care of your big day. With coming running around being busy comes loss of energy. Let’s face it we are human; they get tired as do all of us. Food is a great source of energy; it’s how they maintain good energy. This is also another HUGE reason to feed your vendors. They get tired after some time, and they will need a good pick me up to keep them going during your big day.

Number three: Read those contracts, some vendors require it

Yes, you read that right. Some vendors do include it in their contract. They plan ahead and especially those ones who plan to provide you 4+ hours of service. They already plan ahead of time that they will be hungry and will need a plate. So be sure to read those contracts so you can plan accordingly as well and include them on your plate count.

So then what vendors do I feed?

Well, after all of this your next question is probably, who on earth do you feed? We recommend any vendor providing you 4-5+ hours of service. Some common vendors who provide long services are wedding planners, DJ’s, reception coordinator, assistants, Photographer/videographer. Those are just a few of the vendors who typically spend most of the day taking care of the behind-the-scenes work.

When should the vendors eat then?

A good starting point is planning ahead as you would for any sort of event. A good time to start feeding those vendors is after all your guests have eaten, just before the dancing and cake serving has begun. This allows your vendors to have some time to sit down and enjoy the amazing meal you gave them. Nothing is worse than not being able to enjoy a meal while it’s hot. Those vendors want to be as accessible as possible and at the most important times and although eating doesn’t seem important you never know when a special/ funny moment might strike.

What do I feed my vendors?

Your vendor will let you know what they want. If you have several options, what we recommend is showing your vendors the options you have, and they will let you know what they want ahead of time. If the vendor needs special accommodations, they will also let you know.

After all is said and done, we just simply recommend feeding your vendors. They are important and help your day be the most magical and special day of your life. It’s good to take care of the vendors who are there for you. If you are ever unsure you can always ask your vendors if they would like a meal and if they need any accommodations with their food.

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