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Hi there!

Thanks for stopping by! My name is Victoria, or Vee, owner and planner of Events by Vee, SLC! I am an event planner, specializing in wedding day coordinating. I started planning weddings, professionally, in Summer of 2019 and added other events like baby showers and birthdays starting in 2021. I am so excited for what the next adventures hold!

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My Story

Born in Florida, but traveled to the west coast as a kid, I met my husband in Nevada in 2015. We moved to Salt Lake City, UT in 2017! We absolutely love it out here. There's so much to do and the mountains are gorgeous! We have one baby boy, 3 cats and 2 dogs together.

In 2019, I planned my wedding and thought, “Man, this is stressful but I kind of like it!” After my wedding, I did some research and start taking courses on event and wedding planning, and it kind of just took off from there! I have always been a hopeless romantic and I loved watching Rom-Coms like “The Proposal” and “The Princess Bride”, and I loved weddings. I probably planned hundreds of weddings as a teenager, and more now that I know what goes into them!

My goal is to build Events by Vee, SLC as the wedding community grows and more brides need help. Our 5-year goal is to open a photo studio or small venue and offer services there as well! Our mission is to help as many couples as we can and help take some stress off of them as possible! We love our locals and communities so we hope to branch out from weddings to other events in the near future!

I hope we can chat soon about your event! I am also open for a phone call or to meet for lunch!


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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