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2023’s Top 4 wedding gown styles

What’s the very center piece of your special day? That’s right, your special gown for your big day. Let’s be real it’s the true eye catcher of the entire event. Everyone’s sitting waiting and wondering what you picked and they can’t wait to snap those picture of you in your beautiful dress. Finding the right one though can be probably one of the most difficult things you do for your big day. We got you covered though! We have compiled a list of all the beautiful wedding dress trends for the 2023 year and we are so excited to share it with you.

The biggest trend for 2023 we see currently is those sexy silhouette dresses. This years it’s all about those form fitting, eye catching, breathing taking gowns. So let’s start here:

  • Mermaid gowns

The Mermaid is a dress as old as time, it is so elegant and really makes a statement on your big day. It can be fierce but simple. You can really make it whatever you want. The best part about the style is, it hugs you in all the right spots and really grabs the attention of your spouse! This style can be fun but elegant all at the same time. What better style could there really be?

  • Slip style

The slip style is I think the most classy elegant style you can pick. These are for all types and styles of weddings. You can dress them up with a belt or keep it the simple silky style it already is. These can be funny simple gowns as well. Our favorite part is again how you can dress these up more or keep them simple yet so classy and beautiful. The style options for these are truly endless! From flare to mermaid style, you can rest assure you will really grab the attention of the room with this master piece.

  • Fit and flare

This beauty is also perfect for highlighting your beautiful features. It’s so unique with where you can allow the gown to flare out from. Wether it is at the hips, mid thigh, or around your knees. You can truly make this gown your own. This style can be perfect for outdoorsy weddings or indoors. You can most commonly find this style most popular in spring. Personally we love this style because it offers the absolute best of both worlds. You get the fit to make your features pop but also the flare to really top the look off and make you feel like the queen you are!

  • Halter (off the shoulder)

Halters are another amazing versatile gown. Wether you’re looking for something more risqué or more classy you can get it all with this gown. You can style this lovely gown with a chunky choker necklace but alternatively for a more simple elegant look you can wear a layered necklace for again a more dainty yet fuller look. You can find these commonly in spring or fall time wedding. Again this is truly a statement maker gown.

I think 2023 is our favorite year. These gowns truly are a master piece and will definitely grab the attention of all your guests and make that statement. You are truly going to feel and look your best in these gowns. This is the year to really pop and be you but also highlight all you have. We hope you love these gowns as much as we do!

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