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My Top 5 Tips to increase your guest's comfort at your wedding

Everyone wants to be comfortable when attending a big day! From giving your guests plenty of options on seating to making sure they aren’t burning up on your perfect day, we have all the life saving tips on how to keep those guests happy and comfortable!

Number one: Venue temperature.

As you guessed, keeping the venue at a comfortable temperature is an absolute MUST! The last thing you and your guests want is to be sweating while trying to enjoy this magical and beautiful moment. This truly does go without much saying but consider the time of your wedding, location, and season. Planning ahead of time and tracking the weather continuously will be a huge benefit for you and your guests.

Number Two: Personal space.

The last thing you or your guests want is to be breathing down each other's neck or being hip to hip with practically the entire guest list. Offering extra seating and planning ahead of how to properly space everything out can provide your guests a sense of personal space and relax them. Although two amazing families are joining together everyone still needs their space.

Number Three: Non-dancing options

Some guests want to be there to support you and your spouse but do not have the pep in their step for a dance. This is ok, in these situations we always highly recommend having some other options for those guests that don’t want to party it up on the floor. Some great alternatives can be:

  • Lawn games

  • Outdoor seating

  • Lounge area

  • Photo booth

  • And more!

These provide your guests lots of different options and great ways to still enjoy the party and mingle with others.

Number Four: Provide accessories.

These can always double as favors when all is said and done. Keeping those guests comfortable is essential as we already established but another great way to do so is by going that extra mile and planning ahead for them. If for example you are having an outdoor ceremony during the summer months, you may want to provide your guests some sunglasses or custom fans that double as programs. These small gestures can go a long way and easily make your day a huge success for you and your guests. Some other small ideas can be:

  • Blankets (for fall or winter months)

  • Flip flops (for summer months)

  • Water bottles (any season/time)

These are just a few small and simple ideas that can help show your guests how much you care and appreciate them without breaking the bank too!

Number Five: Give directions/ Clear instructions.

The last thing your guests want to do is search for the ceremony space or where on earth the cocktail hour is being held. The best way to help those guests be comfortable in this new and very unfamiliar space is having plenty of signage and clear instructions laid out. It can help to include on your programs when and where guests should meet after the ceremony for cocktail hour or even where your family members need to be, so they don’t miss their opportunity to be in some family photos after the big “I Do”. Plenty of signs indicating “reception space this way” with a simple arrow can help a lot more than most people think.

Again, keep in mind what works best for your guests as you know them the best. Tracking the weather and planning ahead of what season your wedding is in can really make all the difference in the experience your guests have at your wedding. You don’t have to break the bank either when it comes to going that extra mile for your guests. It is always the small simple gestures that mean the most when all is said and done.

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