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Recycling Your Wedding Items after your Salt Lake City Wedding

When it comes to the aftermath of your big day you tend to be left with lots of décor, gift bags, and so much more. So you then ask yourself, “ well, what am I going to do with all these now?” because it isn’t like you are waiting to keep those 20 center pieces as home décor. Some brides choose to even recycle their dresses and give them to other brides. It’s a great way to save space and make extra bucks back from your big day and put it towards something else like upcoming trips, savings, etc. We have five amazing ways to recycle all your beautiful décor, all the way to your leftover food.

Sell that wedding dress:

What is old to you can be new for someone else. If you don’t plan on keeping your dress for any sentimental reasons or preserve it for years to come, why not give it to a bride to walk down the aisle in as well? It can get you some money back and help another bride stay on budget. This is a great budget friendly idea for other brides as well and benefits you at the same time.

Preserve your bouquet:

Before you think about tossing that lovely bouquet there are options to preserve it and do with it what you want to. Whether that be making it your centerpiece or as an entertainment center piece , it’s a great way to decorate your home and you’ll love to see that beautiful bouquet and think about that very special day. They make beautiful home décor and are very sentimental pieces.

Donate your wedding décor:

In the bridal community there are many brides looking for budget friendly beautiful wedding décor whether it be for the ceremony, reception, or both. It brings even greater purpose to all those centerpieces you have stored in your home with no idea what to do with them all. They could make another bride extremely happy and enjoy on her big day just as you did. You can donate them to a family friend or fellow known bride and the bonus is with social media you can even donate that way. There are lots of ways to donate and make someone else happy and see their creativity unfold with the décor you once used.

Send the leftovers home with guests:

Chances are you may have leftovers from your reception dinner and no idea what to do with it all. Something great that you can do is leave out to-go boxes for your guests to take home with them to enjoy at a later time. This way none of the food goes to waste at all and gets used up completely. You can use fun and classy to-go boxes for the leftovers to go home with the guests. Be sure you make an announcement that there are leftovers that the guests can take. That will be one less stress for you at the end of the night/day.

Display that cake topper proudly:

Something amazing that brides do is display their cake topper. They make cute little pieces of home décor. This works especially with the “Mr & Mrs. (last name) cake toppers. You can take the pick off the bottom and display it anywhere you feel best in your home to look back on that beautiful day. You can make it into a key ring holder even, They are cute yet simple statement makers and can spark up any conversation with guests at your home.

Whether you decide to keep all those pieces of wedding décor or donate them everything has a benefit. Donating your décor can repurpose all of that décor and bring out another brides creativity for them to enjoy or you can preserve your décor to use as home décor that you can always look back at and enjoy.
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