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The Biggest Myth About Hiring a Wedding Planner

Being in the wedding planning career you hear many many myths. Whether it be about the entire industry itself or about the planners. You will hear a lot of different opinions and it can make it hard to decide if you even want a wedding planner. We have the top 5 common myths about wedding planners.

Number one; We walk all over your ideas and insist it be our way:

This one is the most common myth we hear in the field. A lot of people assume that wedding planners just want your money and execute the day their way and how they envision the wedding day. This is so far from the truth, our mission is to make all your dreams come true and more. After all this is your big day, why would we spoil it? This day is for you and your loved ones. So have faith that no matter what your wedding planner has your back.

Number Two; A planner will bust your budget:

Some people think we are only for high dollar extravagant wedding/events and we want to make you spend more money. However, part of the job is to learn your budget, stick to it, and to even save you as much money as we possibly can. Again, our bride's big day is in mind. We know how important it is to stick within your budget but also make your day as magical as possible. So trust your planner when he/she says they will be sure to not break your bank in any aspect. We know how to divide those budgets and where to give certain amounts of your money to, to make it your perfect day. After all, we do this for a living.

Number Three; Planners don’t do much and their job is super easy:

This is another common myth for wedding planners. There is so much that goes on behind the scenes that nobody ever talks about. Your wedding planner is your best friend, mom, aunt, planner, and so on. We help handle the last minute jitters, problems, and family needs. Of course we also handle your day of schedule, set up, and tear down. So although we don’t talk about it much there is a lot that goes into what we do but we wouldn’t have it any other way!

Number Four; All wedding planner are the same:

All people are different and so are planners. Some planners are bubbly, energetic and very outspoken. Others are quiet, calm, and serene. Not one wedding planner is the same. Everyone uses different techniques, methods, and solves problems in different ways. So if you’re looking for the perfect planner, get to scheduling those meetings and getting to know the planner and see if they are the best fit for your big day. Just like finding your dress or tux, you’ll know when you have found the one!

Number Five; All planners services are the same:

Not every planner provides the same services. Some only do the day of, some do the month of, or even the whole process. Something else to consider is does the planner provide set up, tear down, or both and how long would they be at your event? Something to consider is what you’re looking for in a planner and what all you are needing and seeing what planners can provide that for you and what the most important service is for you that you absolutely can not go without. Those consultation will be your best friend when deciding on a planner.

When planning for your big day it can be difficult to know what will benefit you the most like if getting a planner is truly helpful or not and everyone has their own opinions on it. When all is said and done it's best to think about the wedding you're envisioning and what's highly important to you and how challenging it could be to do on your own. So like we always say, meet with those planners and be ready with all your questions to be sure you're getting the most of your money and your dream day will be come a reality. You won't be disappointed that you ignored the myths and hired a planner, it takes a huge load off your shoulders.

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