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It’s 2022, Do you really need a guest book?

Alongside the million questions you may have, you may have another about getting a guest book. Like, is it even worth it? What is it for? Do I splurge on the guest book or keep it simple? We got you covered! We know it can be stressful trying to decide where your money should go and what's worth it or not. Guest books are one of those many lingering last minute questions brides have. The whole purpose of them is to help you out in the long run, like sending out those thank you cards.

So if you’re wondering, “ Well, what are the pros of a guest book?” we got you covered! We have compiled a list of some of our reasons we often see brides include guests' books into their big day:

  • It’s good to look back on! Memories are everything when it comes to our big day.

Often times out brides love to be able to look back at all the support and love they received that day and that is where guests books come into play.

  • Your guests can use it to connect with you in different ways.

Along with those lasting memories, it also helps you and your guests connect. In the guest book often they have an included line for an email, physical address, or other ways to contact your guest which is extremely handy when wanting to reconnect after the big day.

  • It is a great tool to use when sending out those thank you cards!

This comes without much saying but yes! This is always an extremely helpful tool brides can use when needing to know where to send those thank you cards when everything is said and done.

  • You can customize it and make it your own!

The best part about guest books is you can go all out with them! There are so many websites where you can make it your own. Some even can be customized with those cute photos of you and your spouse to share with your guests.

  • It can be used as an ice breaker for your guests.

Sometimes guests can be shy and it can be difficult for them to start a conversation with a face they have never seen before. Those guest books can provide a great conversation starter especially if it is customized. It gives your guests that breath of relief when they can converse about how cute those pictures are of you and the groom or tell those funny stories they have kept in their hearts all these years!

So now we got those pro’s covered and out of the way we can now get into those reasons you may choose not to splurge on a guest book. Let’s be real, we love to save money where we can!

  • Guests don’t always write in them: Out of sight, Out of mind!

This is pretty common sometimes, especially if you don’t have it at a high traffic table and make your guests aware of its presence. Guests are often so focused on catching every moment they can with you and your new spouse that they don't even think about the guest book sitting in the far corner.

  • Your guests don’t know how you want it signed.

It seems silly to some but it is a thing. If you have a guest book without much labeling or any sense of direction it can confuse your guests. It's often helpful to have your bridal party or friends sign it first how you’d like so that it provides some guidance as to what you are looking for when they sign it.

  • Your guest book doesn’t have much to it.

When we all write we want to feel inspired and motivated to write. Looking at something unique and different can help spark those ideas. If your guests are looking at blank pages it could send them running for the hills.

  • They simply forget to.

This ties right back into, out of sight out of mind. Some guests just simply forget. They are busy talking with friends and family they haven’t seen in a long time. They are also simply enjoying watching you and your party enjoy the evening and they want to enjoy every moment they can with you.

  • They already have a card for you. Why sign a guest book?

Some guests already brought a card, why would they need to sign a guest book? Again, some guests may not know the full purpose of a guest book so they just don’t sign it because they already brought something. This is why customizing the book or having your bridal party sign it can be helpful in showing your intended purpose of the guest book.

The best way to decide is based on what your wants and needs are. They can be great tools to use after the big day. If you plan on sending out thank you invites they are super beneficial! You may choose to save that money and put it towards something else that you would rather have included on your big day. Don’t feel obligated to have it there or not.

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